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Meta Lending Protocol

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Everlend is a lending aggregator and optimizer. Get the best rates on your liquidity loans, always.

Liquidity Aggregation

Liquidity is automatically and continuously rebalanced based on the information received from the underlying money markets.

Liquidity Aggregation

Loan Optimization

Loans are moved from market to market based on the rates and the stability score. Loan Optimizer automatically closes existing borrow positions and reopens them on other money markets with lower rates.

Loan Optimization

Key Features

  • Loan-Deposit Decoupling

    Loans and their respective collateral are not bound to the same money market but can done through separate platforms if that is more profitable

  • Built-in Money Market

    Creation of our own cross-chain lending protocol to maximize user capabilities

  • 3-step Loss Prevention System

    The process of liquidation is set to maximize the efficiency of the protocol

  • Cross Chain Deposits and Loans

    Allowing collateral to come from any other L1 via Wormhole


  • Liquidity Aggregator

    end of October

    Launch of the MVP, source code is audited but closed. Users can provide and withdraw liquidity. Everlend utilizes aggregation and optimization algorithms within the underlying money markets.

  • Loan Optimizer V1

    (Finding lowest interest rates)early December

    Launch of V1 of Loan aggregation and optimization. The algorithm is provided by Everlend team, the source code is public. At this point the platform provides users with the best borrowing rates at the time the loan is taken.

  • Launch of Token. Insurance pool

    February 2022

    ELD token is launched right after the public token sale. Users can stake their ELD in the insurance pool thus providing an additional security layer to the protocol and getting rewarded for it.

  • Loan Optimizer V2

    (Loan optimization, refinancing)March 2022

    The loan rates are monitored across all underlying money markets and borrow positions are automatically refinanced providing the user with more favourable conditions.

  • Everlend Money Market

    Q2 2022

    Everlend money market is launched. Users can place deposits or take loans directly from the protocol.

  • Launch of DAO

    Q3 2022

    Platform governance is fully driven by ELD token holders. DAO can change key parameters of Everlend to further decentralize and optimize its work.

  • Loan Optimizer V3

    (Decentralized refinancing)Q4 2022

    The algorithms driving the process of refinancing and rebalancing can be created by anyone and then approved by the DAO

Get the best yields on your liquidity and pay the lowest interest on your loans constantly

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